In my work with men, I have found that there is one thing which is often overlooked, neglected
and misunderstood. And although the process of my work addresses more than one level of the
inner being, I have always been astonished at the fact that there seems to be one aspect which
always, without exception, needs special attention and a brand-new approach.

Unsurprisingly, it is that very thing which inevitably turns out to be a key for better health, in
mind, body and spirit.

That thing is emotion.

Emotion, I have found, although being something we like to talk about today (especially when
we encourage men to ‘open up’ and be ‘vulnerable’ — a good thing in itself, I think) is
something that we still haven’t got a very good understanding of. We tend to think of emotional
health as something that helps us connect to ourselves and others in a positive way, but we rarely
stop to think about the deeper realities which I think we all need to engage with, in order to gain
the ability to be healthy in an all-encompassing, holistic way.

The truth is that there are reasons why some of us are healthier than others. There are reasons
why some of us function better, in mind, soul, and body. There are reasons why some of us find
it easier to improve ourselves while others struggle and fail.

Our emotions, and the life-long history of our relationship with them, have a role to play in our
health, personality, physical fitness, appearance, relationships, finances, and indeed, our very
calling and destiny.

I fully realise that this bold statement might be shocking to some of you; but I implore you to
stay with me here, and be willing to trust me as I delve deeper into emotions, their impact on us,
and the history which has shaped our view of them, to the point of our inability to recognise their
significance and application into our daily life and being.

I am not planning to defend my claim about the role of emotions in one’s life; the data —
medical, psychological, and experiential — exists, of course, and I think is more than able to
prove my point.

But another debate is the last thing we need when it comes to health. Unlike what the world
would have us believe, information is not the most important thing to being a fully-functioning
human being — after all, we all have the information needed in order to live well and be healthy:
but how is that knowledge working for us?

We all know which foods are good for us and which are bad.

We all know that movement and exercise can make everyone healthier, and that the lack of it
works in the opposite way.

We all know what has the power to make us live well and what destroys us…

You see? It's not simply a matter of knowledge. The point I am trying to illustrate here lies
beyond this argument: we must first look into the reasons behind our very need to make this
argument. We must first look at our own limited views of emotions and their role in our lives,
and find out how we have ended up with them.

I will repeat my bold statement again:

Our emotions, and the life-long history of our relationship with them, have a role to play in our
health, personality, physical fitness, appearance, relationships, finances, and indeed, our very
calling and destiny.

I do not ask you to blindly believe in this; in fact, that’s the last thing I want. I seek to provoke
you to be curious; I seek to show you that our current modern views might be, perhaps,
insufficient and unable to fully give us the final, most accurate idea of reality — especially of the
reality of emotions, their role and purpose for our lives.

There is a reason why we hold the views we do; and it does not take an expert to see that those
views are not working for us today.

Obesity, stress, depression…our world is rife with afflictions. Even as poverty and hunger is
being speedily, gloriously eliminated from our society, those deeper afflictions are not showing
signs of going anywhere, and are in fact, taking deeper and deeper roots in our otherwise
comfortable, safe world.

And I have good reasons to believe that emotions are the hidden key to combating that.

I have very good reasons to think that emotions are the hidden way to health in every possible
aspect of life.

But in order to engage this reality, one needs to begin with exploration. One needs to look deeper
into where we are in the bigger picture, and where we must go in order to gain the wholeness in
mind, soul and body.

This is why I have prepared this short report on emotions and health. I hope that you enjoy it and
are able to benefit from it in any way that you might need to. While it is by no means an
exhaustive work that provides an absolute authority on the subject, it is, I hope, able to provide
the reader with a start on the journey of wellness and health.

May it serve you well.

George Stoimenov

July 2022

Eastbourne, East Sussex, Great Britain

George's report can be found here Redeeming Emotions Article