When we first started the business promoting products to enhance the health giving properties of water we were very surprised how the subject of water was so emotive. Over the years that has not really changed and when you look at the research carried out by leaders in the field you see that many of them have been decried by their peers because of their research field. Yet despite that many of them have pursued their ambition to better understand how this unique compound of hydrogen and oxygen behaves as it does.

My conclusion over the 20 + years in this field is that the more we get to know about water the more we realise how little we probably know. The Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto spent a large part of his lifetime looking at the structure of different waters throughout the world and also the impact of different external stimuli on the structure of water. That work shows many fascinating pictures that indicate the impact of our environment on the water we drink.  We tend to view water purely from a chemistry viewpoint when there are other considerations that to a possibly greater extent impact the quality of the water we drink. An absence of harmful chemicals in the water does not confirm that this water is health giving.