Welcome to our new blog which is to share with readers the benefits of healthy water and body acid alkaline balance.

At Water for Health Ltd we understand that good hydration and good nutrition are enormously important if we are to enjoy high levels of wellness. We understand that these issues underpin our body's acid alkaline balance. Properly balanced body pH is vital for immunity, energy and a slowing down of the aging process. Not only is good nutrition and hydration important to maintain our health but it is doubly important if we are faced with a major health challenge or in the recovery phase from an illness.

Through our blog we aim to share with our readers items of information that they might find helpful within the context of body acid alkaline balance, the importance of drinking good healthy water and related items of information. When appropriate we will provide links to other sources of information that might be relevant and helpful.

We do not offer amy medical advice, the posts are purely for educational purposes and any reader should consult their health practitioner before following any recommendation.

Water for Health