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Acid Alkaline Balance

  1. The 70/30 Alkaline Diet for Effortless Dieting

    The countries in the world with the highest percentage of overweight people have certain things in common. They have huge... Read More
  2. What Living Alkaline Means to Cancer Survivor Kris Carr

    She has written multiple books, made an award winning film, and survived an incurable stage four cancer with which she... Read More
  3. Reasons Why an Alkaline Diet is Healthier Than the Typical Western Diet

    The typical modern diet in industrialised Western countries looks something like this: Breakfast: Two slices of toast with butter or... Read More
  4. Give Your Cells More Oxygen by Living the Alkaline Lifestyle

    If you are stressed, emotionally down, physically tired, suffering from allergies or frequent colds, and you spend all your time... Read More
  5. What's Your Body pH? Why It's Important to Measure Your pH Levels

    Your pH score represents the amount of acid in your body. While 7.0 is considered neutral, a score below 7... Read More
  6. High Body Acidity Wreaks Havoc With Your Bones

    The human body works hard to maintain a pH score of 7.4, which is moderately alkaline. Many types of foods... Read More
  7. How to Make an Easy Start on the Alkaline Diet

    The acid and alkaline content of a substance is measured by a pH score. A pH of zero indicates a... Read More
  8. Enhance Your Water Intake by Making it Alkaline

    In chemistry, pH is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. A substance with a pH of... Read More
  9. Evidence an Alkaline pH Diet Benefits Health

    No one likes to be on a diet. The word alone makes us think of restriction and misery. But if... Read More
  10. Suffering with Chronic Inflammation? Try These Top 5 Foods for Balancing Acidity

    Acidity, or an abnormal pH blood level, cannot be seen; however, it is one of the most dangerous conditions known... Read More

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