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  1. Alkalising the Body: Where Do I Begin?

    Many of us appreciate the benefits of alkalising the body, but with such a wealth of information out there, we're... Read More
  2. The Alkaline Diet: What Is It, and Is It Healthy?

    Our bodies are naturally a slightly alkaline environment, and thus maintaining an overall blood pH of 7.36 is an essential... Read More
  3. Acid Alkaline Balance

    One of the major advances in natural medicine in recent years has been the realisation of the vital importance of... Read More
  4. Books on Alkaline Water and pH Balance

    Having spent many hours reading on the subject ourselves we would like to share with you a few books which... Read More
  5. Acidic and Alkaline Foods Quick Reference Guide

    The following chart is a good and useful guide to the pH of many common foods. Use it to ensure... Read More
  6. How Easy is it to Measure Body pH Balance?

    Although we may be exhibiting many of the symptoms that would indicate our body pH levels are deviating slightly towards... Read More
  7. Why is Body pH So Critically Important for Good Health?

    Our blood has a very narrow pH range of between 7.35 and 7.45. If it deviates out-with this range, we... Read More

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