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Green Superfoods

  1. 10 Portions of Fruit and Veg to Live Longer

    For a long while, we’ve known that eating fruit and vegetables is good for us. For our energy levels, our... Read More
  2. The Top 5 Vegetarian Protein Sources

    There are many great reasons to become vegetarian. Setting aside the ethical considerations generally at the forefront of such a... Read More
  3. What Did You Eat Today? Soon You Won’t Have to Remember

    For some reason, most of us are notoriously bad at remembering what we ate just a short time ago. And... Read More
  4. The Meat Substitutes Market is On the Rise

    The meat substitutes market is predicted to hit $5.96 billion by 2022. Meat substitutes – tofu, vegetable protein, Quorn – were... Read More
  5. How To Choose A Healthy Plant Based Protein Powder

    Contrary to popular belief, going plant based does not mean you have to suffer from protein deficiency. In many ways... Read More
  6. Kids’ Protein Powders: Reviewing the Options for Picky Eaters

    The proliferation of protein powders aimed at children continues, with the news that supermodel Elle Macpherson has launched a product... Read More
  7. Antioxidant Drinks: What Do They Do, How Healthy Are They?

    Last week we heard the news that Dr Pepper Snapple Group had acquired antioxidant drinks firm Bai Brands for $1.7... Read More
  8. Probiotic Powder for Alzheimer’s Disease and Stress

    Probiotic products have ridden a wave of acclaim in recent years, their health benefits coming to light like never before... Read More
  9. Children's Diet and Asthma: What's the Link?

    The health benefits of consuming a diet rich in fruit and vegetables have long been known. Ultimately, in our heart... Read More
  10. Spirulina: A Blue Green Algae That Boosts the Immune System, Reduces Candida and Protects Cells from Damage

    As the colder weather approaches it becomes increasingly important to incorporate foods into your diet that boost the immune system... Read More

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