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  1. How To Improve Nutrition & Exercise Amid Lockdown

    Without a normal daily routine, it's all too easy to get into bad habits and soon it starts to show... Read More
  2. Never Too Late: 9 Practical Running Tips for Senior Citizens

    Many people of an older demographic are understandably reluctant to start running, believing it could create or exacerbate joint problems... Read More
  3. Can Precision Nutrition Help With My Weight Loss Plan?

    Weight loss is one of the most exploited areas in the fitness industry. As much as there are viable means... Read More
  4. 8 Effective Ways to Help Relieve Common Aches and Pains

    If you suffer from nagging aches, pains, stiffness or tension, you know how debilitating life can be. The hurt can... Read More
  5. 10 Great Tips for Staying Active and Healthy During Winter

    When the winter chill hits you, it’s easy to curl up in bed and throw your plans out of the... Read More
  6. 12 Foods That Help Prevent Sunburn & Relieve Sun Damage

    During the hot summer days, staying hydrated with good-quality water is a top priority. Additionally, taking measures to ensure that... Read More
  7. 5 Fun Ways to Reduce the Impact of Chronic Stress

    Although there have been many medical advancements in the area of mental health, treatment can still be a challenge. Stress... Read More
  8. Does the Gut-Brain-Axis Affect Neurodegenerative Disease?

    Recent explosive and ever-evolving research studies have been paying a lot of attention to the gut-brain axis (GBA) or mind-body... Read More
  9. 15 Proven Ways to Increase Your Brain’s Growth Hormones

    Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is a neurotrophin, which is a family of proteins involved in the growth and survival of... Read More
  10. Can the Ketogenic Diet Improve Cognitive Health?

    Nutritional ketosis or the Ketogenic Diet (KD) - "keto" for short – was originally developed as a treatment for epilepsy... Read More

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