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  1. Plant-Based Protein Foods: A Guide for Vegetarians

    Posed to a vegetarian, there are few questions more maddening than “Where do you get your protein?” Invariably the person... Read More
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin, Hair and Weight Loss

    Apple cider vinegar has in recent years been suggested as a virtual panacea for mankind’s ills. With a long history... Read More
  3. Just 1-in-5 Eat Five Portions of Fruit & Veg a Day

    We heard in February that 10 is the magic number when it comes to fruit and vegetables. After a wide-ranging... Read More
  4. Antioxidant Foods and Supplements: Worth the Fuss?

    Even though they are backed by research, antioxidants are one of those questionable things that everyone secretly suspects may be... Read More
  5. 5 Top Preworkout Foods for Energy, Weight Loss & Muscle Gain

    Unless you’ve pencilled in some fasted cardio, there’s nothing worse than getting to the gym and realising the tank’s empty... Read More
  6. It’s a Steal: Introducing Four Thieves Vinegar

    Our ancestors would remark on many things if they were to be reawakened in 2017: technological gadgets; 24-hour news channels... Read More
  7. What Are Polyphenols: Everything You Need to Know

    For a compound possessed of such extraordinary power, polyphenols are still mostly waiting for their moment in the sun. But... Read More
  8. How Does Chlorella Benefit Health?

    Every few months, it seems, we are introduced to yet another ‘superfood’ purporting to be a panacea for all of... Read More
  9. Why Plant Proteins are Preferable to Animal Proteins

    Recently we discussed the best vegetarian protein sources available to us, and why everyone would benefit from reducing their intake... Read More
  10. 10 Portions of Fruit and Veg to Live Longer

    For a long while, we’ve known that eating fruit and vegetables is good for us. For our energy levels, our... Read More

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