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  1. How An Alkaline Diet Incorporates Gentle Detoxing Methods To Promote Lasting Health

    Cleanses and detoxes are used to rapidly eliminate toxins from the body. Most people perform cleanses once or twice a... Read More
  2. 3 Healthy Summer Desserts That Won’t Wreck Your Waistline

    For many people who plan on showing off a trim figure this summer, eating dessert doesn’t fit into the plan... Read More
  3. Alkalizing Summer Bread Recipe with Psyllium Husks, Chia Seeds and Apple Cider Vinegar

    Summer is a time to say goodbye to those winter comfort food recipes and start trying ones that are naturally... Read More
  4. Do You or Someone You Know Suffer From An Autoimmune Disease? Here’s How Calcium Can Help

    Autoimmune diseases are on the rise. In fact, the average person is three times more likely now to develop an... Read More
  5. How To Tell If Your Diet Is Making You Smell And What To Do About It

    No one wants to be known as the smelly person. It could affect your work life, your personal life and... Read More
  6. One Small Healthy Change Part 5: How to Hold Yourself Accountable

     To wrap up the one small healthy change series, we have given our best tips for making one small change... Read More
  7. #One Small Healthy Change Part 1: Simple Dietary Food Swaps

    Change can be hard. Most of us develop a daily routine and quickly get comfortable in it. We eat the... Read More
  8. The Superior Alkalinity, Digestibility, and Nutritiousness of Sprouted Grains

    Grains have earned a reputation for being unhealthy, fattening, and lacking nutritional value. This holds only for refined, bleached, grains... Read More
  9. How To Use Soups and Smoothies to Combat Nutritional Deficiencies

    While many of us think of soups and smoothies as either appetizers or snacks, they can also be meals in... Read More
  10. Table Salt vs. Himalayan Salt - Why Himalayan Salt is Nutritionally Superior

    In recent years, the natural health community rejected table salt in favour of Himalayan salt. Increasingly, you would find pink... Read More

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