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Health Foods

  1. The 70/30 Alkaline Diet for Effortless Dieting

    The countries in the world with the highest percentage of overweight people have certain things in common. They have huge... Read More
  2. Why At Water for Health Our Superfood Powders are Organic or Wild Harvested

    Organic farming refers to a system of agricultural practices that respects natural life-cycle systems. It selects plants that are natural... Read More
  3. How Antibiotics Harm Your Health and How to Help Your Body Recover

    In developed countries, the average person receives around 20 courses of antibiotics by age 18. Antibiotics are effective to treat... Read More
  4. To Juice or to Smoothie: Which is Best?

    Juicing and blending into smoothies are both popular in the health community, but there is little agreement about which has... Read More
  5. Why the Chia Seed is Here to Stay & is a Food Cupboard Staple

    The hype surrounding the health benefits of the chia seed are here to stay; and for good reason. Chia seeds... Read More
  6. Health Hacks - How to Boost the Nutritional Value of Any Meal with these Superfoods

    Eating healthy doesn’t mean your diet needs a dramatic and mentally exhausting overhaul. Taking small, simple steps is the perfect... Read More
  7. Why Souping Instead of Juicing is Taking the World By Storm

    Looking to detox or just eat healthier in general and tired of juicing? Try souping. Soups are more generously offered... Read More
  8. 5 Minute Healthier Recipe for Healthier Than Store Bought Energy Bars

    Energy bars have the potential to be a great food choice. They are portable, convenient, and can be eaten virtually... Read More
  9. Not Buying Organic Fruit & Veg? Here are the Top 12 Dirtiest to Avoid

    Every year, the USDA Pesticide Data Program tests for pesticide residues on more than 13,000 samples. These samples of fruits... Read More
  10. Suffering with Chronic Inflammation? Try These Top 5 Foods for Balancing Acidity

    Acidity, or an abnormal pH blood level, cannot be seen; however, it is one of the most dangerous conditions known... Read More

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