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  1. 3 Ways to Naturally Lower High SHBG Levels [And Increase Low SHBG]

    Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) is a carrier protein produced mostly in the liver. SHBG binds to testosterone, DHT and... Read More
  2. Viktor Schauberger, Living Water and Lessons from Nature

    The work of Viktor Schauberger is controversial. He thought of water as the “blood of Mother Earth,” directly contradicting our... Read More
  3. 5 Health Benefits of Breastfeeding for Baby and Mother

    Breastfeeding is a topic often under discussion, with people having varying opinions and attitudes on the subject. Every aspiring parent... Read More
  4. 9 Ways to Boost Your Immunity During Christmas and Winter

    There is so much to enjoy and look forward to in the winter. Cold, crisp, sunshiny days and cosy evenings... Read More
  5. 7 Tips for Naturally Controlling Your Blood Sugar Levels

    Before we get into how to lower blood sugar, let’s first address the question: What is high blood sugar? High... Read More
  6. 9 Effective Ways to Naturally Manage Your Blood Pressure

    Most of us do not express any symptoms of high blood pressure until it's too late, and the only way... Read More
  7. Which Nutritional Supplements Do You Really Need When Fasting?

    Water fasts, juice fasts, intermittent fasts, alternate-day fasts… It’s safe to say most of us have tried – or know... Read More
  8. 9 Nutrients That Can Counteract the Impact of Stress

    Stress in its many forms – physical, environmental or emotional – increases the body’s requirement for nutrients, as vitamins and... Read More
  9. The Scientific Pros and Cons of Fasting – With Water or IF

    Fasting is a bit of a buzzword in the health industry and it's a recurring theme in the news. There’s... Read More
  10. What One Small Thing Could You Change to Live a Healthier Lifestyle?

    Have you heard of the compound effect? It’s when small actions build up over time, creating a massive change. Sometimes... Read More

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