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  1. 8 Simple New Years Health Resolutions

    This is the time of year when people tend to be suffering from the effects  of overeating, drinking too much... Read More
  2. Why You Shouldn't Detox in the New Year & Should Wait Until Spring

    Modern lifestyles often cause our bodies to build up toxins within our cells, even in those who seem to live... Read More
  3. Should the UK Introduce Warning Labels on Soft Drinks Too?

    It has caused a huge stir that Berkeley, California passed America’s first soda tax recently, in order to reduce the... Read More
  4. How to Avoid the Dreaded Mid Afternoon Energy Slump

    It is a familiar phenomenon: the communal loss of momentum that hits the office at around 2pm. If you are... Read More
  5. Do Shower Head Filters Protect the Skin From Toxins?

    Many of us focus on the foods we ingest to ensure, as much as possible, that we prevent toxins from entering our... Read More

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