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  1. The Scientific Pros and Cons of Fasting – With Water or IF

    Fasting is a bit of a buzzword in the health industry and it's a recurring theme in the news. There’s... Read More
  2. What One Small Thing Could You Change to Live a Healthier Lifestyle?

    Have you heard of the compound effect? It’s when small actions build up over time, creating a massive change. Sometimes... Read More
  3. Diabetic Diet Sheet: What to Eat to Control Blood Sugar

    Diabetes is often called a modern disease, and at least in respect of type 2 diabetes, the term has some... Read More
  4. Lifestyle Medicine in the UK: Going Mainstream?

    The release of Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s book The 4 Pillar Plan, which itself comes on the heels of his massively... Read More
  5. Probiotics for Blood Pressure: A Novel Solution?

    As we begin to appreciate the synergy between gut health and overall wellness, and the role of probiotics in building... Read More
  6. Antibiotics Are Not the Answer: Thoughts on the Coming 'Apocalypse'

    The wholly unnecessary overuse of antibiotics is not just wiping out our healthy resident gut bacteria, but it’s leading to... Read More
  7. It’s Love Your Gut Week 2018: Time to Heal Your Microbiome?

    Though we should all make a year-round effort to nurture the good bacteria in our gut, this week is Love... Read More
  8. 4 Essential Nutrients for Better Overall Health

    We all know the key nutrients around which a healthy diet should be built. They are, of course, carbohydrates, protein and... Read More
  9. Is Detoxing Overrated? Get the Fact from the Fiction

    Most people are burned out on hearing the word “detox.” It’s listed on almost every supplement in every health store... Read More
  10. Reduce Nutritional Deficiencies in Children to Lower Chances of Chronic Disease Development

    Parents everywhere can relate to the struggle of getting your kids to eat anything remotely healthy throughout the day. But... Read More

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