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  1. How to Avoid Gaining Weight on Holiday

    It takes a lot of planning and self-discipline to retain a healthy weight throughout the holiday. It is much easier... Read More
  2. How to Achieve Beautiful Summer Skin the Natural Way

    From childhood until old age, men and women rely on a wide variety of cosmetics to keep their skins radiant... Read More
  3. Relief from Back Pain and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - Some of Natasha Corrett's Benefits from Switching to an Alkaline Diet

    Six years ago at age 26, gourmet cook Natasha Corrett discovered something that would energise her, help her lose weight... Read More
  4. How to Help Your Body Have a Great Summer Time Cleanse

    Summer is on its way and there is no better time to cleanse your body of toxins so you can... Read More
  5. How Super Green Powders Can Contribute to Weight Loss

    Who doesn't want to look and feel better? Who doesn't want to get out of bed in the morning with a... Read More
  6. Children Found to Have Improved Memory and Attention When Hydrated

    All parents want their children to be happy, healthy, and hopefully intelligent enough to be able to attend university if... Read More
  7. Become Happier by Getting Properly Hydrated

    The human body is designed so that around 70 per cent of it should consist of water. This is why... Read More
  8. The University of Edinburgh Tested Our Energy Plus Water Filter: The Incredible Results

    The Energy Plus Water Filter actually has four filters: the first two remove pollutants through a number of filtration processes... Read More
  9. Tasks Your Brain Performs Poorly When Dehydrated

    Medical experts recommend that we drink eight glasses of water a day. That may sound like a lot of water... Read More
  10. Sorry, Did You Just Say There Are Hormones in My Tap Water?

    Scientists have known for decades that there are substances in our tap water that are not natural components of water... Read More

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