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Vitamin Supplementation

  1. What Vitamins Should You Take to Boost Your Immune System?

    As the days get shorter, it’s a good time to think about health. ..why? Because as winter hits, your body... Read More
  2. Which Nutritional Supplements Do You Really Need When Fasting?

    Water fasts, juice fasts, intermittent fasts, alternate-day fasts… It’s safe to say most of us have tried – or know... Read More
  3. Supplementing with Vitamin D Can Reduce Asthma Symptoms

    According to a growing body of research, people with asthma may benefit from taking vitamin D. Indeed, low or deficient... Read More
  4. Vitamin D Spray, Pill, Sublingual or Gummies: How to Get the Best Daily Dose

    Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for immune, bone and muscle health, but in recent years there has been confusion... Read More
  5. Multivitamins and Minerals: Key Benefits for All Age Groups

    In order for your body to operate properly, it needs food – and the assortment of vitamins and minerals contained... Read More
  6. Are Vitamin D Supplement Side Effects Grossly Overstated?

    At Water for Health, we’re big advocates of vitamin D supplementation. We’re also the first to tell you that, if... Read More
  7. Vitamin D for Babies and Children: Why It’s Essential

    Several recent news stories have put vitamin D in the spotlight, asking whether children and infants should receive supplements to... Read More
  8. Top 5 Vitamins to Boost the Immune System

    When our immune systems let us down, we often reach for the vitamins we should have been taking in the... Read More
  9. What is Vitamin B? A Comprehensive Guide

    We are accustomed to hearing about the vitamins and minerals we need to avoid nutritional deficiencies and maintain good health... Read More
  10. Sublingual Vitamins: Everything You Need to Know

    There are myriad ways of getting vitamins into your system, but a novel approach is turning heads in the natural... Read More

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