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Vitamin Supplementation

  1. Can You Take Vitamin D and Magnesium Together?

    In recent weeks, the interaction between vitamin D and magnesium has been highlighted, leading many to wonder whether they should... Read More
  2. Vitamin K Deficiency: A Risk Factor for Heart Disease?

    The role of vitamin K in heart health has been highlighted time and again over the years. Although perhaps more... Read More
  3. Vitamin D Deficiency: Fatigue, Flu and Other Symptoms

    Winter is a good time to talk about vitamin D. In fact, it’s been precisely one year since we wrote... Read More
  4. Vitamin D2 vs D3: Which One’s Superior?

    While there are dissenting voices on most topics in the field of natural health, you will struggle to find anyone... Read More
  5. Antioxidant Foods and Supplements: Worth the Fuss?

    Even though they are backed by research, antioxidants are one of those questionable things that everyone secretly suspects may be... Read More
  6. Sunscreen of 15 SPF or More Reduces Vitamin D Production by 99%

    If you lather on the sunscreen every time the sun touches your skin, you could be putting yourself at risk... Read More
  7. The Many Faces (And Symptoms) Of Magnesium Deficiency

    Magnesium isn't present to the same degree in our soil, owing to the processes of modern industrial farming. When our... Read More
  8. Reduce Nutritional Deficiencies in Children to Lower Chances of Chronic Disease Development

    Parents everywhere can relate to the struggle of getting your kids to eat anything remotely healthy throughout the day. But... Read More
  9. Are Digestive Enzymes Really Useful For Digestive Dysfunction?

    Digestive enzymes play a huge role in digestive health. Without them, the digestive process wouldn’t exist. The body does not... Read More
  10. Vitamin Angels: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

    Since there’s always room for a feel-good story amid the catastrophic forecasts and general doom and gloom, we thought we’d... Read More

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