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  1. Nutrition for the Heart: Best Vitamins and Minerals for Heart and Circulation

    Most people have a good idea of the best nutrition for health: that is to say, the best foods to... Read More
  2. Vitamin K Deficiency: A Risk Factor for Heart Disease?

    The role of vitamin K in heart health has been highlighted time and again over the years. Although perhaps more... Read More
  3. Vitamin D Deficiency: Fatigue, Flu and Other Symptoms

    Winter is a good time to talk about vitamin D. In fact, it’s been precisely one year since we wrote... Read More
  4. Magnesium Deficiency and Insomnia: Is There a Link?

    Insomnia plagues as many as one in three people in the UK, but is something so small but vital as a... Read More
  5. Vitamin D2 vs D3: Which One’s Superior?

    While there are dissenting voices on most topics in the field of natural health, you will struggle to find anyone... Read More
  6. Sunscreen of 15 SPF or More Reduces Vitamin D Production by 99%

    If you lather on the sunscreen every time the sun touches your skin, you could be putting yourself at risk... Read More
  7. The Many Faces (And Symptoms) Of Magnesium Deficiency

    Magnesium isn't present to the same degree in our soil, owing to the processes of modern industrial farming. When our... Read More
  8. Can Fulvic Acid Help Reverse Aging?

    Of all the beauty products you own, we bet you never dared to use something that comes from dirt to... Read More
  9. Magnesium Deficiency: Symptoms and Practical Solutions

    Like many people, you may have never considered whether you have a magnesium deficiency. But in spite of our collective... Read More
  10. Iodine Deficiency: A Contributor to Poor Health?

    According to a 2009 study, approximately 50 percent or more of the adult population in most developed Westernised countries is deficient in... Read More

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