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  1. Iodine Deficiency: A Contributor to Poor Health?

    According to a 2009 study, approximately 50 percent or more of the adult population in most developed Westernised countries is deficient in... Read More
  2. Vitamin Angels: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

    Since there’s always room for a feel-good story amid the catastrophic forecasts and general doom and gloom, we thought we’d... Read More
  3. Fulvic Acid: The Miracle Molecule

    Fulvic acid is the unsung hero of health – a mighty antioxidant, a powerful polyelectrolyte and a complex organic phenol... Read More
  4. Bone Health and Calcium: Staying Strong This Winter

    Earlier this week, we extolled the merits of vitamin D, which is in worryingly short supply during these blustery, showery... Read More
  5. Vitamin D Tablets: Do You Need Them During Winter?

    During winter, we tend to hear lots about vitamin D. Since the sunlight is our primary source of the nutrient... Read More
  6. Are Mineral Supplements Really Necessary?

    Given that minerals are crucial for a host of physiological functions, it’s refreshing to hear that the global market for... Read More
  7. Winter Is Here, And Is Your Vitamin C Up To Scratch?

    Winter is here and so are all the germs, sneezes and itchy, watery eyes that come with it. To get... Read More
  8. Why It’s Important to Know Your Vitamin D Status

    To observe Vitamin D Awareness Week, we felt it worth to summarise exactly why it is important for you to... Read More
  9. The Four Most Common UK Nutritional Deficiencies

    We usually associate the idea of nutritional deficiencies with poor countries, but here in our land of plenty, there are... Read More
  10. Table Salt vs. Himalayan Salt - Why Himalayan Salt is Nutritionally Superior

    In recent years, the natural health community rejected table salt in favour of Himalayan salt. Increasingly, you would find pink... Read More

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