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  1. If Water is the New Gold, Will We See Water Wars Soon?

    It’s easy to underestimate the impact of water scarcity when water supplies seem just fine. But the reality is –... Read More
  2. Minerals for Dehydration: The Vital Role of Mineral Electrolytes

    If you often feel thirsty but don’t particularly like to drink water, forget to rehydrate, or tend to be quite... Read More
  3. Natural Coffee Alternatives + How Different Drinks Affect Your Blood

    There’s no getting around it: coffee is addictive. But at some point, it’s good to step back and take a... Read More
  4. Viktor Schauberger, Living Water and Lessons from Nature

    The work of Viktor Schauberger is controversial. He thought of water as the “blood of Mother Earth,” directly contradicting our... Read More
  5. Structured Water: Definition, Research (and Controversy)

    Something inside you is curious. Despite the booming naysayers and confusing information. You sense there’s something more to structured water... Read More
  6. 5 Essential Hydration Facts All Athletes Should Know About

    Competing, or taking part in sporting events? Make sure to optimise your hydration. Endurance athletes taking part in longer competitions... Read More
  7. 12 Fascinating Truths About Humanity’s Water Footprint

    We tend to underestimate water, not realising the massive impact it has in all areas of life. From the amount... Read More
  8. The Consciousness and Intelligence of Water

    The Japanese author Masaru Emoto famously studied the molecular structure of water and how energy and words from human consciousness... Read More
  9. Why Drink Water, What’s Wrong With Other Drinks?

    Drinking high-quality water is the best fluid to drink, period. In fact, many of the other fluids that we drink... Read More
  10. Is Water Nature’s Very Own Antidepressant?

    Feeling down is something that we all have to deal with at times. This is especially true in winter, where... Read More

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