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  1. 12 Fascinating Truths About Humanity’s Water Footprint

    We tend to underestimate water, not realising the massive impact it has in all areas of life. From the amount... Read More
  2. The Consciousness and Intelligence of Water

    The Japanese author Masaru Emoto famously studied the molecular structure of water and how energy and words from human consciousness... Read More
  3. Why Drink Water, What’s Wrong With Other Drinks?

    Drinking high-quality water is the best fluid to drink, period. In fact, many of the other fluids that we drink... Read More
  4. Is Water Nature’s Very Own Antidepressant?

    Feeling down is something that we all have to deal with at times. This is especially true in winter, where... Read More
  5. How to Make Sure You Drink Safe Water While Travelling

    Water is the one thing we cannot go without, wherever we go. Whether you're drinking tap water from the hotel... Read More
  6. Feeling Thirsty? Don’t Make These Common Hydration Mistakes

    Without water, we can't survive, and we can only live roughly three days without it.  Water literally keeps us alive... Read More
  7. 5 Surprising Health Benefits of Taking a Cold Shower Every Day

    Bathing is more than just a process to help us get clean. Bathing is an essential ritual for healing the... Read More
  8. Reclaiming the Hidden Mysteries of Life, with Water

    Disconnection is the root of all ails on Earth. We’re often disconnected from our core being, disconnected from the sacredness... Read More
  9. Water Wastage in the UK: A Leaky Legacy [Plus What You Can Do]

    More than three thousand million (three billion) litres of treated, perfectly clean drinking water is wasted every day in the... Read More
  10. The Benefits of Installing a Home Water Filtration System

    We need water to survive: it is responsible for every bodily function.  Even mild dehydration can cause symptoms like headaches... Read More

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