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  1. 5 Problems Caused by Not Drinking Enough Water

    It is universally known that staying properly hydrated only brings benefits to our lives. We have our teachers, parents, relatives... Read More
  2. Everything You Need to Know About Structured Water

    Structured water is a wonderful thing, a natural phenomenon found in streams, rivers and lakes all over this planet. And... Read More
  3. Tap Water in the UK: What's in Your Water?

    We have criticised British tap water more than once in the past. While some may think we were unduly harsh... Read More
  4. Water Filters for Plastics: Necessary or Not?

    We have often written about the health benefits of drinking clean water, and the necessity of using a good-quality filter... Read More
  5. Strathspey Water Dispute: Residents Demand Clean Water

    The Strathspey water dispute looks set to rumble on, after hundreds of residents called for a full-scale review into the safety... Read More
  6. Do Oxygen Enhancement Supplements Really Work?

    As we all know, oxygen is vital to life on Earth: energy production depends on the element, and without it... Read More
  7. The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

    It’s Nutrition and Hydration Week (March 13-19), so what better topic to dissect than water – and not just any... Read More
  8. What You Need to Know About Chlorine and Heavy Metals Lurking in Your Tap Water

    Of all the places heavy metals could be lurking, not many people would consider their tap water as a primary... Read More
  9. The Benefits of Hydrogen Rich Water and How to Make Your Own

    Drinking more water is on most people's to-do list. And no wonder: water is, after all, wholly necessary for survival... Read More
  10. Your Tap Water Contains Molecules That Dinosaurs Drank + Other Interesting Water Facts

    The Earth is covered with a lot of water- approximately 70 percent of its surface area to be exact. But... Read More

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