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  1. Tips For Breaking Phone Addiction Without Cutting Phone Use Completely

    Do you ever find yourself checking your phone for no reason at all? You aren’t expecting any calls or emails... Read More
  2. 5 Simple Ways to Live a Healthier Life in 2016

    If your New Year’s resolution is to live a healthier life in 2016, we’ve got you covered! Change can be... Read More
  3. Free Downloadable Health Ebooks: Boost Wellbeing via Nutrition & Hydration

    We always encourage our clients and prospective clients to become informed and take personal responsibility for their health. To help... Read More
  4. How Water Can Make You Fat: The Facts and Remedies

    Researchers have long argued that there are many substances in our tap water that are not natural components of water... Read More
  5. When Water Can be Harmful to Your Health

    With experts advising us to drink eight glasses of water per day, it will surprise many people to learn that... Read More
  6. Sorry, Did You Just Say There Are Hormones in My Tap Water?

    Scientists have known for decades that there are substances in our tap water that are not natural components of water... Read More
  7. Small Doses of Hormones in Our Drinking Water Could Have a Massive Negative Impact on Our Health

    Many of us have heard whispers that there are hormones in our drinking water. In 2002 the BBC, the Independent... Read More
  8. Why Water is an Essential Ingredient in an Effective Long-Term Weight Loss Plan

    Water diets are currently fashionable, but like many diets, they are too low in calories to be healthy. Even worse... Read More
  9. Looking to Do Better in Exams? Why You Shouldn't Forget the Water!

    Researchers at University of East London and University of Westminster recently discovered that students who took water into the exams... Read More
  10. Is Bottled Water Really Safe to Drink?

    Bottled water is a big profitable global business. Consumption is continuing to increase year on year “particularly in countries where... Read More

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