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Water for Health Blog: Promoting health through hydration, nutrition, detoxification and a positive lifestyle.

We want to help you attain great health through sensible, research-backed lifestyle interventions. In this section you’ll find diet advice, news about emerging disease-prevention studies, product reviews, topical content and lots more.

  1. Hydro Tabs: Everything You Need To Know

    Drinking water is essential.  But… It can be ineffective for hydration if you don’t have ample electrolytes in your system... Read More
  2. What Vitamins Should You Take to Boost Your Immune System?

    As the days get shorter, it’s a good time to think about health. ..why? Because as winter hits, your body... Read More
  3. Do You Need to Detoxify Heavy Metals to Reduce EMF Impact?

    Do you need to detoxify heavy metals to reduce the impact of EMFs? If you’re sensitive to EMFs (electromagnetic fields... Read More
  4. The Importance of Body pH Balance for Optimum Blood Flow & Oxygen Transfer

    You need balanced blood pH for optimal health. In fact, it’s crucial.  Your blood pH can affect your health in... Read More
  5. Why Are Digestive Enzymes Essential for Digestion?

    How do enzymes help with digestion? Enzymes are protein molecules that we simply can't live without, as we need them... Read More
  6. Fulvic Acid as a Detoxifier, Antioxidant and Trace Mineral Supplement

    Fulvic acid is an easily absorbed supernutrient found in the soil, rock sediment, and bodies of water. It’s formed by... Read More
  7. What Are Enzymes, And What Do They Do For Us?

    Enzymes are proteins that play a vital role, helping to speed up both cellular and extracellular chemical reactions in the... Read More
  8. How to Maintain the Correct Acid Base Balance for Health

    Your acid base balance is also known as pH balance, and maintaining healthy levels is essential. Read on to find... Read More
  9. When to Take Supplements on Keto

    The ketogenic diet or “keto” for short is almost as popular as the vegan diet. Despite popular belief, these diets... Read More
  10. How Using a Filtered Water Bottle Improves Health

    There are several valid reasons why using a filtered water bottle is a good idea. With the goal of clean... Read More

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