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Water for Health Blog: Promoting health through hydration, nutrition, detoxification and a positive lifestyle.

We want to help you attain great health through sensible, research-backed lifestyle interventions. In this section you’ll find diet advice, news about emerging disease-prevention studies, product reviews, topical content and lots more.

  1. How Obesity is Impacting the Pandemic: An Evidence-Based Guide

    The pandemic continues to affect our lives – perhaps now more than ever. “Pandemic stress” is a real thing, and... Read More
  2. Worried About Cold and Flu Season? These 8 Things Can Help

    Autumn is here and with it the inevitable onset of the cold and flu season. The flu tends to peak... Read More
  3. The Best Functional Medicine Courses in the UK

    Functional medicine is the name given to a form of healthcare that is highly individualised, patient-centred, and biology-based. Often referred... Read More
  4. Can Vegans Do Keto? A Complete Diet and Food List

    As a Vegan Health Coach, I am fascinated by how to optimise the vegan diet. Not least, in beneficial ways... Read More
  5. 7 Nutrients for Better Mental Health and One to Avoid

    Eating the right foods can have an extraordinarily positive effect on your mood. A proper diet, focusing on fresh, whole... Read More
  6. 12 Tips for Calming Menopausal Mood Swings, Anxiety, Depression

    While it can start sooner for some women (known as premature menopause), the menopause tends to happen anywhere between the... Read More
  7. 3 Ways To Boost Fascia Health, Lose Cellulite & Reduce Pain

    Inactivity is a massive problem in modern society, for one reason or another. Be this the fact that we are... Read More
  8. 5 Natural Ways to Protect Heart Health, Lower Cardiac Risk

    Cardiovascular disease is the umbrella name given to conditions which affect the heart and blood vessels. Primary cardiovascular disorders include... Read More
  9. Why It's Best to Buy Organic [Plus How to Avoid Toxic Fruit & Veg]

    It's Organic September, so we thought we'd keep things topical by writing about why buying organic is a good idea... Read More
  10. 4 Great Protein Powders to Use While Following the Keto Diet

    In recent years, the keto diet has become the go-to nutrition plan for people looking to lose weight, quit carbs... Read More

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