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Water for Health Blog: Promoting health through hydration, nutrition, detoxification and a positive lifestyle.

We want to help you attain great health through sensible, research-backed lifestyle interventions. In this section you’ll find diet advice, news about emerging disease-prevention studies, product reviews, topical content and lots more.

  1. Does Vitamin C Boost Your Immune System?

    There was a very interesting article in Dr Jonathan Wright's newsletter on Nutrition and Healing and why it is important... Read More
  2. Can Vitamin D Offer Protection Against Cancer?

    The importance of Vitamin D to the human body is beyond dispute. A fat-soluble vitamin that is naturally present in very few foods, vitamin... Read More
  3. Can a Type 2 Diabetes Meal Plan Reverse the Disease?

    Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic ailment characterised by high blood glucose in the background of insulin resistance and comparative... Read More
  4. Why is Himalayan Pink Salt Beneficial for Health?

    In recent years there has been a major drive by health authorities to get people to reduce their salt intake... Read More
  5. Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms: Dizziness, Hair Loss, Fatigue

    A recent article in the Daily Telegraph highlighted the issue of Vitamin D deficiency and how the current recommended intake... Read More
  6. How Easy is it to Measure Body pH Balance?

    Although we may be exhibiting many of the symptoms that would indicate our body pH levels are deviating slightly towards... Read More
  7. Green Superfood Drink Powders: Why Are They So Beneficial?

    Over the last couple of decades, green superfood drink powders have become increasingly popular as more and more of us begin... Read More
  8. Why is Body pH So Critically Important for Good Health?

    Our blood has a very narrow pH range of between 7.35 and 7.45. If it deviates out-with this range, we... Read More
  9. Is Installing a Home Reverse Osmosis System a Good Idea?

    Over the last decade home reverse osmosis filtration systems have become very popular for domestic drinking water. These filter systems... Read More
  10. How Much Water Should a Person Drink Each Day?

    Frequently we are asked how much water should a person drink per day. Probably the best guide is in Dr... Read More

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