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  1. Evaluating New Research on Cesarean C-section & Microbiome

    Having a c-section is often a matter of emergency. Once mother and baby are out of the operating room, the... Read More
  2. Shining a Light on the Immune System Microbe Connection

    Every day we’re finding out more about how the body works.  A lot of old myths and faulty science has... Read More
  3. Why Gut Health is Vital for Immunity: A Comprehensive Guide

    Your gut lining, from head to tail, contributes to a whopping 70-80% of your immune system. So, one of the... Read More
  4. Nature’s 5 Best Defences Against Harmful Bacteria

    Bacteria are so minuscule you can only see them under a microscope. They come in different types, shapes and sizes... Read More
  5. 6 Signs of Poor Gut Health and 11 Ways to Improve Them

    Research is continually evolving, and scientists are discovering an increasing amount about the complexity of our digestive system and how... Read More
  6. Impactful Ways to Improve Your Gut Environment, Balance Microbiome

    The gut is host to a wide range of resident micro-organisms, some of which help us break down food, produce... Read More
  7. Why Install a Water Filter System in Your Home?

    We need water to survive, and it is responsible for every bodily function. Even mild dehydration can cause symptoms like... Read More
  8. 3 Key Factors You Must Consider When Trying to Improve Gut Health

    It is no longer controversial to state that our gut bacteria – at least to a large extent – determine... Read More
  9. 5 Incredible Green Tea Benefits for Healthier Teeth

    Our food and lifestyle are important factors that directly affect our dental health. Few would contest that increasing consumption of... Read More
  10. Fulvic Acid UK: The Underappreciated Health Benefits

    News that the market for fulvic acid is growing rapidly is no surprise. Like many others in the natural health field... Read More

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