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  1. Is Algae Oil As Good As Fish Oil? A Look at Vegan Omega-3

    I remember my grandmother boasting that cod liver oil was essential for health.  The issue for me was that I... Read More
  2. Four Omega-3 Fish Oil Benefits That Will Surprise You

    Omega-3 fish oil is unquestionably beneficial for heart health. We know as much from decades of research, and especially from... Read More
  3. The Health Benefits of Combining Vitamin D and Omega-3

    Have you ever driven all the way home, deep in thought, then wondered how on earth you got home? Well... Read More
  4. How to Support the Body’s Immune Response with Omega-3

    One of the best ways to enhance overall health is to boost your immune system, by following a healthy lifestyle... Read More
  5. Omega-3 Fish Oils Could Help to Boost Your Child’s Brainpower

    Essential omega-3 fatty acids are called 'essential' because we can't make them ourselves and have to get them from food... Read More
  6. Proven Scientific Benefits of Combining Omega-3 & Vitamin B

    According to several research studies, it may be better to take a combination of vitamins instead of brain-healthy B vitamins... Read More
  7. 6 Foods High in Omega-3, and Why You Should Eat More

    Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fats that we need to get from food, as we can’t make them ourselves. They... Read More
  8. EPA Fish Oil: The Standalone Benefits of High EPA Omega-3

    Most of us understand or at least appreciate that omega-3s can confer benefits on our health. But did you know... Read More
  9. Why the Spectrum of Omega-3s are Vital for Women’s Health

    Omega-3 fatty acids have been credited with a number of health benefits, including heart health, cognitive function and proper growth and... Read More
  10. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Are You Getting Enough?

    According to a population study out of Germany, over 70% of middle-aged women are at an increased risk of heart... Read More

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