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  1. Why Multi-Strain Probiotics Always Trump Single-Strain

    Gut health is a topic we have explored quite relentlessly in our blog. From 10 Kitchen Habits That Are Damaging... Read More
  2. Probiotics for Women Benefits: Hormone Balance, Menopause, UTIs

    These days, it's relatively common knowledge that probiotics can be beneficial for us, playing a significant part in nurturing gut... Read More
  3. Probiotics Branded ‘Useless’: But What’s the Truth?

    In a widely-shared news story published on 6 September, a group of Israeli scientists found no long-term benefit to probiotic... Read More
  4. Probiotics for Blood Pressure: A Novel Solution?

    As we begin to appreciate the synergy between gut health and overall wellness, and the role of probiotics in building... Read More
  5. Probiotics for Anxiety and Mental Health: Can Supplements Help?

    Probiotics are widely known for alleviating digestive ailments, but recent research shows that taking a daily probiotic supplement may also help reduce... Read More
  6. Probiotics for Hay Fever: Do They Help?

    In recent years we’ve witnessed a startling growth in probiotic products in our supermarkets – mainly in the form of... Read More
  7. How Probiotics Can Help You Stay Lean and Lose Weight

    Forget weight loss pills! You can significantly reduce your stomach bloat and even shed a few pounds by taking good care... Read More
  8. Probiotics May Help Detoxification

    Background: In the past, detoxification was something health minded people did several times a year as colon and liver cleanses... Read More
  9. Probiotics and Women

    Probiotics: A Woman’s Best Friend -by Sherrill Sellman, ND One of the secrets to optimal health is cultivating a great... Read More
  10. Can Probiotics Help to Control Diabetes?

    Type 2 diabetes can be controlled by high-strength probiotics (those containing > 10 billion CFU per dose) providing they contain... Read More

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