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  1. How to Optimise Body pH and Test Water Alkalinity

    The chemistry of the human body requires a balanced pH level to maintained good health, and many well-informed health experts... Read More
  2. What is pH Balance and Why Should We Really Care?

    Proper acid/alkaline balance is vital for your overall vitality, health and wellbeing. Without it, you can't thrive, your energy and... Read More
  3. Are Most Degenerative Diseases Caused By High Acid Levels?

    If you’re looking to decrease your risk of developing a chronic illness, you may want to start monitoring your pH... Read More
  4. Symptoms of Acidosis and Natural Treatment Options

    Acidosis is a condition which occurs when the pH of blood and tissue drops below 7.35. During acidosis, your cells cannot... Read More
  5. Why Experts Who Doubt the Alkaline Diet are Wrong

    The media has been quite scathing of the benefits of the alkaline diet, quoting several medical experts who question its... Read More
  6. What Living Alkaline Means to Cancer Survivor Kris Carr

    She has written multiple books, made an award winning film, and survived an incurable stage four cancer with which she... Read More
  7. Give Your Cells More Oxygen by Living the Alkaline Lifestyle

    If you are stressed, emotionally down, physically tired, suffering from allergies or frequent colds, and you spend all your time... Read More
  8. What's Your Body pH? Why It's Important to Measure Your pH Levels

    Your pH score represents the amount of acid in your body. While 7.0 is considered neutral, a score below 7... Read More
  9. High Body Acidity Wreaks Havoc With Your Bones

    The human body works hard to maintain a pH score of 7.4, which is moderately alkaline. Many types of foods... Read More
  10. Enhance Your Water Intake by Making it Alkaline

    In chemistry, pH is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. A substance with a pH of... Read More

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