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  1. 11 Foods to Eat and Avoid When Treating ADHD

    Although there is no firm scientific evidence suggesting that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is caused by nutritional problems or... Read More
  2. Autism in Infants: Signs, Symptoms and Suggested Solutions

    Autism is on the rise. The developmental disability, which influences how people perceive the world around them, affected 1 in... Read More
  3. Fish Oil for Autism: Could EPA, DHA Benefit Autism & ADHD?

    When it comes to autism, there is still no clear clarification as to whether fish oil is beneficial for treating... Read More
  4. Omega 3 for Children: Here’s Why Not Supplementing May Be Holding Your Child Back

    Providing the best care for their children is at the top of the list for every parent. But despite our... Read More

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