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Alkaline Foods

  1. The Four Most Common UK Nutritional Deficiencies

    We usually associate the idea of nutritional deficiencies with poor countries, but here in our land of plenty, there are... Read More
  2. Symptoms of Acidosis and Natural Treatment Options

    Acidosis is a condition which occurs when the pH of blood and tissue drops below 7.35. During acidosis, your cells cannot... Read More
  3. Top 10 Alkaline Foods to Eat Frequently for Great Health

    By now, many people appreciate that an alkaline diet is healthy – not to mention convenient and cost-effective. Chances are, you... Read More
  4. Not Buying Organic Fruit & Veg? Here are the Top 12 Dirtiest to Avoid

    Every year, the USDA Pesticide Data Program tests for pesticide residues on more than 13,000 samples. These samples of fruits... Read More
  5. Evidence an Alkaline pH Diet Benefits Health

    No one likes to be on a diet. The word alone makes us think of restriction and misery. But if... Read More
  6. Suffering with Chronic Inflammation? Try These Top 5 Foods for Balancing Acidity

    Acidity, or an abnormal pH blood level, cannot be seen; however, it is one of the most dangerous conditions known... Read More
  7. Start Your Day Right With Our Easy 3 Ingredient Health Boosting Alkalizing Superfood Smoothie Recipe

    Chances are, if you have ever dealt with headaches, joint pain, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, depression, fatigue, digestive issues, bad... Read More
  8. Autoimmune Diseases Can’t Be Reversed and 7 Other Things Conventional Medicine Falsely States

    Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease can seem like a life sentence. No one wants to hear that their body... Read More
  9. Are You Ruining Your Health by Living an Acidic Lifestyle?

    Chances are if you haven’t been feeling well lately, you may be suffering from some sort of pH imbalance. A... Read More
  10. How Your Weight Determines Your Chances of Conceiving

    A woman’s weight can be the deciding factor between getting pregnant and dealing with infertility. According to the American Society... Read More

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