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  1. Quality, Affordable and Efficient. The Energy Ion-H2 is the ultimate home water ionization system!

    Water is the essence of life. It's important to every cell, tissue and organ in the human body with roughly... Read More
  2. Amazing Ways Alkaline Water Can Help You Lose Weight

    Whilst many might turn their noses up at another trend, alkaline water makes a difference in many areas of health... Read More
  3. 5 Differences between Alkaline Water and Reverse Osmosis

      Many people are becoming aware of the toxicity of our drinking water, whether it's fluoride, pesticides or the residue... Read More
  4. Why Should You Use An Alkaline Water Filter Jug?

    If you’re interested in natural health, then you’ve most likely stumbled across alkaline water. At first I thought that the only... Read More
  5. How Using a Filtered Water Bottle Improves Health

    There are several valid reasons why using a filtered water bottle is a good idea. With the goal of clean... Read More
  6. How to Optimise Body pH and Test Water Alkalinity

    The chemistry of the human body requires a balanced pH level to maintained good health, and many well-informed health experts... Read More
  7. How to Maintain or Restore a Healthy Body pH Balance

    Producing an alkaline environment in your body is highly desirable. Why? Because most viruses and bacteria cannot survive in an... Read More
  8. How Sugar Makes Your Body’s pH More Acidic

    We all know that processed sugar is bad for our health, but how does this impact your body’s pH? The... Read More
  9. Your Body’s pH Level Can Actually Change Your DNA

    If I were to ask you, what’s the largest organ in your body, what would your answer be? If you... Read More
  10. Natural Coffee Alternatives + How Different Drinks Affect Your Blood

    There’s no getting around it: coffee is addictive. But at some point, it’s good to step back and take a... Read More

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