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Alkaline Water

  1. Why Experts Who Doubt the Alkaline Diet are Wrong

    The media has been quite scathing of the benefits of the alkaline diet, quoting several medical experts who question its... Read More
  2. Why Water is an Essential Ingredient in an Effective Long-Term Weight Loss Plan

    Water diets are currently fashionable, but like many diets, they are too low in calories to be healthy. Even worse... Read More
  3. Looking to Do Better in Exams? Why You Shouldn't Forget the Water!

    Researchers at University of East London and University of Westminster recently discovered that students who took water into the exams... Read More
  4. Enhance Your Water Intake by Making it Alkaline

    In chemistry, pH is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. A substance with a pH of... Read More
  5. 3 Easy Steps to Transitioning Gently to a More Alkaline Lifestyle

    Making the switch to a more alkalizing lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. Like anything, it can be done step... Read More
  6. Tips to Help You Enjoy Working Out Again

    As the New Year dawned you may have felt totally inspired to get into your best ever shape and work... Read More
  7. The Difference Between Common Water Jug Filters and Alkaline Jug Filters

    The importance of a healthy diet is well known to us all, and water particularly is an essential element of... Read More
  8. Is Bottled Water Really Safe to Drink?

    Bottled water is a big profitable global business. Consumption is continuing to increase year on year “particularly in countries where... Read More
  9. How to Keep A Bloated Uncomfortable Tummy at Bay This Winter

    A flat stomach is something that many of us daren’t even dream of. It is easy to feel complacent about... Read More
  10. 8 Reasons to Drink More Water

    How many times have you read an article telling you that it is essential to drink plenty of water? You... Read More

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