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Alkaline Water

  1. 7 Tips for Preventing & Shortening the Duration of Common Colds

    Winter is a time where we see more people suffering from cold or flu-like symptoms. I am sure we need... Read More
  2. Should the UK Introduce Warning Labels on Soft Drinks Too?

    It has caused a huge stir that Berkeley, California passed America’s first soda tax recently, in order to reduce the... Read More
  3. Should You Ditch Tap Water for Alkaline Water?

    We all know that water is essential to life. The human body is comprised of 75% of it afterall. We... Read More
  4. Could You Benefit from Eating a More Alkalising Diet?

    Do your current diet staples include; white pasta, white bread, cookies, lots of processed foods, meat, alcohol and/or soft drinks... Read More
  5. How to Avoid the Dreaded Mid Afternoon Energy Slump

    It is a familiar phenomenon: the communal loss of momentum that hits the office at around 2pm. If you are... Read More
  6. How much water should you drink?

    Dr Batmanghelidj author of many good books on water gave this formula for the amount of water we should take... Read More
  7. Practical Tips to Uplift You

    Editor's Note: The following is a guest post from Anthony Fleming - an experienced motivational speaker and life coach who... Read More
  8. Alkaline Water in the Prevention and Treatment of Candida

    Although often associated with high-sugar diets, increased stress levels or poor immune function, recent research published by a number of... Read More
  9. Alkaline Water in the Prevention and Treatment of High Cholesterol

    The build-up of harmful LDL cholesterol is typically associated with the excessive consumption of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. However, there... Read More
  10. 5 Vitally Important Alkaline Minerals No Diet Should Be Without

    It’s no secret that alkaline minerals play a vitally important role in regulating the pH of your blood and tissues... Read More

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