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Alkaline Water

  1. Hydrogen Water Machines: A Worthwhile Investment?

    The idea that drinking properly structured, hydrogen-rich water could significantly improve our health is a completely alien one to many... Read More
  2. Books on Alkaline Water and pH Balance

    Having spent many hours reading on the subject ourselves we would like to share with you a few books which... Read More
  3. Good Healthy Water: The Number One Anti-Ageing Nutrient

    Very few people really understand or appreciate the health benefits of good water. We are very much inclined to take... Read More
  4. Does Water Hydrate the Body?

    You may have seen some of the headlines in the papers telling you of an EU decision that suppliers are... Read More
  5. Is Installing a Home Reverse Osmosis System a Good Idea?

    Over the last decade home reverse osmosis filtration systems have become very popular for domestic drinking water. These filter systems... Read More
  6. How Much Water Should a Person Drink Each Day?

    Frequently we are asked how much water should a person drink per day. Probably the best guide is in Dr... Read More

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