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  1. 7 Health Benefits of Chanca Piedra - How to Heal Your Body Naturally

    Chanca piedra is a powerful medicinal herb. It’s mainly native to Peru and other South America countries where it has... Read More
  2. 5 Natural Ways to Protect Heart Health, Lower Cardiac Risk

    Cardiovascular disease is the umbrella name given to conditions which affect the heart and blood vessels. Primary cardiovascular disorders include... Read More
  3. How Vitamin D Cuts Flu Risk, Protects Lungs & Boosts Immunity

    Vitamin D is a steroid hormone which you naturally generate through sun exposure. So it’s a good idea to get... Read More
  4. Daily Diaphragmatic Breathing for Stress Relief, Immunity & Lung Function

    It’s natural to breathe without thinking about it. It’s just what we do to stay alive. But we can choose... Read More
  5. 3 Natural Ways to Improve Your Vascular Age, Lower Cardiac Risk

    Everyone knows their age, but what about their vascular age? Also known as heart age or cardiovascular risk (CVR) age... Read More
  6. 9 Effective Ways to Naturally Manage Your Blood Pressure

    Most of us do not express any symptoms of high blood pressure until it's too late, and the only way... Read More
  7. 4 Key Nutrients Your Heart is Crying Out For

    Around 7.4 million people are living with heart and circulatory disease in the UK, and it is the cause of... Read More
  8. Coenzyme Q10 200mg: A Perfect Dose for the Heart, Longevity?

    Coenzyme Q10 is undoubtedly one of the most popular natural compounds recommended for cardiovascular health. Although suggested daily dosages for... Read More
  9. Nutrition for the Heart: Best Vitamins and Minerals for Heart and Circulation

    Most people have a good idea of the best nutrition for health: that is to say, the best foods to... Read More
  10. Vitamin K Deficiency: A Risk Factor for Heart Disease?

    The role of vitamin K in heart health has been highlighted time and again over the years. Although perhaps more... Read More

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