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  1. Minerals for Dehydration: The Vital Role of Mineral Electrolytes

    If you often feel thirsty but don’t particularly like to drink water, forget to rehydrate, or tend to be quite... Read More
  2. The 6 Best Times to Drink Water and When Not To

    The healing properties of pure water are immense. Water is required for every system in the body to run efficiently... Read More
  3. Why Drink Water, What’s Wrong With Other Drinks?

    Drinking high-quality water is the best fluid to drink, period. In fact, many of the other fluids that we drink... Read More
  4. Is Water Nature’s Very Own Antidepressant?

    Feeling down is something that we all have to deal with at times. This is especially true in winter, where... Read More
  5. Feeling Thirsty? Don’t Make These Common Hydration Mistakes

    Without water, we can't survive, and we can only live roughly three days without it.  Water literally keeps us alive... Read More
  6. Dehydrated Skin? Read Our Guide to Getting a Healthy Glow

    Skin is made up of several layers – three, to be exact. The outer layer (the epidermis) is our protective... Read More
  7. 7 Ways Drinking Water Helps You Lose Weight [Water Therapy]

    Water has been scientifically proven to aid with weight loss and boost well-being. On the flip-side, chronic unintentional dehydration can... Read More
  8. 5 Problems Caused by Not Drinking Enough Water

    It is universally known that staying properly hydrated only brings benefits to our lives. We have our teachers, parents, relatives... Read More
  9. Dehydration and Dementia: 6 Ways to Get Elders to Drink More Water

    Our body needs water to properly carry out many different physiological functions, from regulating temperature through sweating and preserving blood... Read More
  10. Tips For Boosting Energy During the Summer

    The summer heat can be draining. The wrong food choices, such as heavy foods, can make us feel drained and... Read More

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