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  1. Unusual Symptoms of Dehydration & How Best to Tackle Them

    A large number of people suffer from dehydration without being aware of it. This is not the severe type of... Read More
  2. Children Found to Have Improved Memory and Attention When Hydrated

    All parents want their children to be happy, healthy, and hopefully intelligent enough to be able to attend university if... Read More
  3. Become Happier by Getting Properly Hydrated

    The human body is designed so that around 70 per cent of it should consist of water. This is why... Read More
  4. Asthma & Allergies - How Getting Properly Hydrated Could Help

    Many individuals suffer from allergies and asthma when their immune system produces antibodies against certain ‘allergens’. These are usually harmless... Read More
  5. Quick, Easy and Effective Ways to Deal with Dehydration

    Most of us don’t drink enough water. We drink tea, coffee or soft drinks, in the mistaken belief that we’re hydrating... Read More
  6. Hydrogen Water Machines: A Worthwhile Investment?

    The idea that drinking properly structured, hydrogen-rich water could significantly improve our health is a completely alien one to many... Read More
  7. Does Water Hydrate the Body?

    You may have seen some of the headlines in the papers telling you of an EU decision that suppliers are... Read More
  8. How Easy is it to Measure Body pH Balance?

    Although we may be exhibiting many of the symptoms that would indicate our body pH levels are deviating slightly towards... Read More

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