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  1. A Guide to Vitamins and Minerals That Impact Your Mood

    Do you know the #1 cause of acquired insanity? It’s nutrient deficiency! People tend to separate emotions from the physical... Read More
  2. 6 Ways to Practice Gratitude and the Health Benefits of Doing So

    Health is often thought of as physical. When in reality everything starts in the mind. Anyone suffering from depression or... Read More
  3. Is Water Nature’s Very Own Antidepressant?

    Feeling down is something that we all have to deal with at times. This is especially true in winter, where... Read More
  4. Explainer Guide: Mental Health in Elderly People

    Mental health is something that can affect our social well-being and emotional and physical health. It affects the choices we... Read More
  5. Which Foods to Eat and Avoid for Better Mental Health

    Believe it or not, what and how you eat can positively affect your mood, helping to calm anxiety, balance mood... Read More
  6. Anxiety and Gut Problems: A Closer Look at the Gut-Brain Axis

    Have you heard of the gut/brain connection? It basically means that your gut health affects your brain health and vice... Read More
  7. Can Eating Fruit and Vegetables Boost Mental Health and Mood?

    Eating fruit and vegetables can help us to maintain energy levels, lose weight and keep skin youthful. It can also... Read More
  8. Mindfulness: Our Own Medication for the Monkey Mind

    It was only a year ago I realised I’d spent most of my life in a stupor. When you look... Read More
  9. Looking to Resolve Mental Health Problems Naturally? How These Suggestions Could Make Antidepressants Your Last Resort

    Every few years, the Health & Social Care Information Centre publishes a survey of the psychological problems the British public... Read More

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