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  1. Reasons Why It's Important to Remove Flouride from our Drinking Water

    If you’re interested in natural health, then the concept of fluoride in your drinking water might make you suspicious. At... Read More
  2. The Push Toward a Full UK Ban on Glyphosate

    Thank goodness for the satnav, because following a map isn’t my forte. When going to new places I invariably take a... Read More
  3. How to Avoid Dangerous Waterborne Parasite Cryptosporidium

    Cryptosporidium – commonly referred to as just ‘Crypto’ – is a microscopic parasite that lives naturally inside of animals. It... Read More
  4. Should You Remove Fluoride From Your Water Supply?

    The fluoridation of our water supply is about as contentious an issue as you can conceive. Although half a century... Read More
  5. The University of Edinburgh Tested Our Energy Plus Water Filter: The Incredible Results

    The Energy Plus Water Filter actually has four filters: the first two remove pollutants through a number of filtration processes... Read More
  6. Small Doses of Hormones in Our Drinking Water Could Have a Massive Negative Impact on Our Health

    Many of us have heard whispers that there are hormones in our drinking water. In 2002 the BBC, the Independent... Read More

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