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  1. How Antibiotics Harm Your Health and How to Help Your Body Recover

    In developed countries, the average person receives around 20 courses of antibiotics by age 18. Antibiotics are effective to treat... Read More
  2. What You Urgently Need to Understand about Your Gut Bacteria

    From childhood people learn to associate bacteria with illness, and the fear that bacteria might get a foothold in our... Read More
  3. Smoothies - Finally a Shortcut to Getting Healthy!

    Only 25 percent of the British population meets the daily recommended intake of five or more one-half cup servings of... Read More
  4. What Causes Diarrhea?

    Ever wondered what causes diarrhea? You're not alone. But the fact is, there are many things that cause diarrhea. Some... Read More
  5. What is the Importance of Dietary Fibre?

    Most people are aware of the important part that proteins, vitamins and alkaline minerals play in the maintenance of our... Read More

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