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Gut Health

  1. Why Gut Health is Vital for Immunity: A Comprehensive Guide

    Your gut lining, from head to tail, contributes to a whopping 70-80% of your immune system. So, one of the... Read More
  2. Microbiome Health: The Right Environment, The Right Microbial Strains

    With over 70% of your immune system living in your gut, you can see how a healthy digestive system is... Read More
  3. 6 Signs of Poor Gut Health and 11 Ways to Improve Them

    Research is continually evolving, and scientists are discovering an increasing amount about the complexity of our digestive system and how... Read More
  4. Impactful Ways to Improve Your Gut Environment, Balance Microbiome

    The gut is host to a wide range of resident micro-organisms, some of which help us break down food, produce... Read More
  5. Does the Gut-Brain-Axis Affect Neurodegenerative Disease?

    Recent explosive and ever-evolving research studies have been paying a lot of attention to the gut-brain axis (GBA) or mind-body... Read More
  6. 10 Benefits of Fermented Foods: For IBS, Immunity, More

    Fermented foods seem to be all the rage these days. From probiotic yogurts, kimchi and lassi to sauerkraut, kefir and... Read More
  7. Probiotics for Women Benefits: Hormone Balance, Menopause, UTIs

    These days, it's relatively common knowledge that probiotics can be beneficial for us, playing a significant part in nurturing gut... Read More
  8. Anxiety and Gut Problems: A Closer Look at the Gut-Brain Axis

    Have you heard of the gut/brain connection? It basically means that your gut health affects your brain health and vice... Read More
  9. Best Form of Probiotics: Food, Drink, Tablets or Powders?

    Probiotic has become more than just a buzzword in the last few years, with countless books, articles, research papers and... Read More
  10. How Many Species of Bacteria Live in the Human Gut?

    Our gut microbiome – the name given to the collection of bacteria living inside us – continues to attract attention... Read More

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