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  1. Sea Buckthorn - The little orange berry used for luscious locks, glowing skin and much more!

    Image source: Pixabay Chances are you haven’t heard of sea buckthorn, the plant Greeks named “Pegasus fruit” after the winged... Read More
  2. 7 Nutrition Tips for Fuller, Stronger, Healthier Hair

    From split ends and weak, limp strands to thinning and dryness: if your hair lacks lustre, what you eat can... Read More
  3. Chicken Collagen for Arthritis, Joints, Skin, Hair & More

    Weird and wonderful ingredients have a habit of popping up in the supplement industry, and chicken collagen is one of... Read More
  4. How to Use Black Seed Oil for Acne, Hair Loss, Herpes & More

    For many, black seed oil remains an untapped natural resource, a highly pure, antioxidant-rich remedy. For others, it is an... Read More

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