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  1. 5 Simple Ways to Live a Healthier Life in 2016

    If your New Year’s resolution is to live a healthier life in 2016, we’ve got you covered! Change can be... Read More
  2. Drop The Guilt! Why You Should Enjoy Every Mouthful of Your Christmas Dinner

    Christmas comes once per year. That’s reason enough to treat yourself to delicious foods that you normally wouldn’t. But unfortunately... Read More
  3. How to Use Mindful Eating to Prevent Weight Gain this Christmas

    Most of us tend to put on a few kilograms during the Christmas holidays which we must then try to... Read More
  4. 7 Benefits of Mindful Eating This Festive Season

    On the surface, this may not look like a topic that should appear on a health blog that normally encourages... Read More
  5. The Importance of Daily Alkalising + 2 Delicious Alkalising Muffin and Bean Burger Recipes You Have to Try!

    Some foods leave an alkaline residue when our bodies break them down. Others form acidic substances when broken down. Our... Read More
  6. How To Use Soups and Smoothies to Combat Nutritional Deficiencies

    While many of us think of soups and smoothies as either appetizers or snacks, they can also be meals in... Read More
  7. Free Downloadable Health Ebooks: Boost Wellbeing via Nutrition & Hydration

    We always encourage our clients and prospective clients to become informed and take personal responsibility for their health. To help... Read More
  8. Are Your Drinks Eating Away Your Teeth?

    Teeth enamel is the hard shell that covers the crown of the teeth to protect them from damage caused by... Read More
  9. The Potential Health Risks of Microwaving Your Food

    Microwave ovens are quick and convenient for anything from warming yesterday's leftover lasagne, to cooking today's vegetables, and baking cakes... Read More
  10. Is Sugar Really So Bad For Us?

    In the 21st century, residents of industrialised countries consume at least their entire body weight of sugar per year, with... Read More

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