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  1. Liquid Zeolite - How to Detoxify Your Body Safely and Effectively

    We’re living in an increasingly toxic world. While we can avoid certain toxic compounds with healthy lifestyle choices, it’s not... Read More
  2. Do You Need to Detoxify Heavy Metals to Reduce EMF Impact?

    Do you need to detoxify heavy metals to reduce the impact of EMFs? If you’re sensitive to EMFs (electromagnetic fields... Read More
  3. 3 Top Daily Detox Supplements to Cleanse and Reset

    These days, even the most clean living of us are exposed to a multitude of toxins: it’s simply unavoidable. Whether... Read More
  4. What You Need to Know About Chlorine and Heavy Metals Lurking in Your Tap Water

    Of all the places heavy metals could be lurking, not many people would consider their tap water as a primary... Read More
  5. Are Heavy Metals Lurking In Your Favorite Foods? Hint: Chocolate May Be At Risk!

    Recent health studies have made everyone feel better about indulging in a daily piece of dark chocolate. But what if... Read More
  6. Heavy Metal Toxicity and Mineral Deficiencies May Contribute to Migraine

    Most migraine sufferers hunt for the trigger of their migraines by attempting to identify the common event that precedes their... Read More
  7. How Heavy Metal Detoxing Can Help Combat Diabetes

    Heavy metals are all around you; you don't have to work in a mine or a factory to be contaminated... Read More
  8. Heavy Metals

    ~ Discover where the heavy metals that may be found in your drinking water come from and realise the importance... Read More
  9. How to Help Your Body Have a Great Summer Time Cleanse

    Summer is on its way and there is no better time to cleanse your body of toxins so you can... Read More
  10. Why is Body pH So Critically Important for Good Health?

    Our blood has a very narrow pH range of between 7.35 and 7.45. If it deviates out-with this range, we... Read More

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