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  1. Minerals for Dehydration: The Vital Role of Mineral Electrolytes

    If you often feel thirsty but don’t particularly like to drink water, forget to rehydrate, or tend to be quite... Read More
  2. 7 Ways Drinking Water Helps You Lose Weight [Water Therapy]

    Water has been scientifically proven to aid with weight loss and boost well-being. On the flip-side, chronic unintentional dehydration can... Read More
  3. The Benefits of Installing a Home Water Filtration System

    We need water to survive: it is responsible for every bodily function.  Even mild dehydration can cause symptoms like headaches... Read More
  4. 9 Reasons to Install a Tap Water Filter, Including for Microplastics

    Many of us associate water contamination with the Third World. However, unless you’re using a high-quality tap water filter you’re... Read More
  5. Dehydration and Dementia: 6 Ways to Get Elders to Drink More Water

    Our body needs water to properly carry out many different physiological functions, from regulating temperature through sweating and preserving blood... Read More
  6. The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

    It’s Nutrition and Hydration Week (March 13-19), so what better topic to dissect than water – and not just any... Read More

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