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Hydrogen rich water

  1. #One Small Healthy Change Part 3: Simple Exercises for Better Health

    Our goal this month has been giving you small healthy changes each week that can make huge benefits to health... Read More
  2. 12 Health Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen-Rich Water

    Most of us know that British tap water contains some heavy metals (primarily from the soil and rusty water pipes... Read More
  3. Water & Kidney Stones - Could Help Be At Your Kitchen Sink?

    The incidence of kidney stones has been steadily increasing over the years. From less than 4% of Americans suffering with... Read More
  4. Assessing the Effectiveness of Hydrogen-Rich Water: How Beneficial Is It?

    We originally wrote this blog in 2014, and back then it wasn't so much a blog as an introduction followed... Read More
  5. Hydrogen-Rich Water as a Powerful Antioxidant

    Hydrogen-rich water has been popular in the Far East for decades, though its visibility in the western world has certainly increased of... Read More
  6. Hydrogen Water Machines: A Worthwhile Investment?

    The idea that drinking properly structured, hydrogen-rich water could significantly improve our health is a completely alien one to many... Read More

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