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  1. When to Take Supplements on Keto

    The ketogenic diet, or “keto” for short, is almost as popular as the vegan diet. Despite popular belief, these diets... Read More
  2. Can Vegans Do Keto? A Complete Diet and Food List

    As a Vegan Health Coach, I am fascinated by how to optimise the vegan diet. Not least, in beneficial ways... Read More
  3. 4 Great Protein Powders to Use While Following the Keto Diet

    In recent years, the keto diet has become the go-to nutrition plan for people looking to lose weight, quit carbs... Read More
  4. Can Ketones Help Alleviate Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease?

    Alzheimer’s Disease affects around 44 million people, and with no known cure, a diagnosis can feel like a death sentence... Read More
  5. Can the Ketogenic Diet Improve Cognitive Health?

    Nutritional ketosis or the Ketogenic Diet (KD) - "keto" for short – was originally developed as a treatment for epilepsy... Read More
  6. Amplifying the Benefits of Keto with Intermittent Fasting

    The Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting are hot topics in the health and wellness world. And when you combine the... Read More
  7. 5 Great Cooking Oils and Fats to Use on a Keto Diet

    In a very basic nutshell, the ketogenic diet focuses on reducing carbohydrates while increasing your fat intake and including adequate... Read More
  8. Keto Flu: Symptoms to Watch Out For [Plus Popular Remedies]

    The ketogenic diet has been hailed by a generation of savvy health and fitness enthusiasts – and for good reason... Read More
  9. Keto vs Atkins: Similarities, Key Differences, Which is Best?

    The idea that restricting carbs might be good for our waistline, as well as our general health, has been around... Read More
  10. Good Fats, Bad Fats: Knowing the Difference

    A new global study has correlated high consumption of dietary fats with a reduced risk of death and stroke. In... Read More

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