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Is Detoxing Overrated? Get the Fact from the Fiction

Most people are burned out on hearing the word “detox.” It’s listed on almost every supplement in every health store... Read More

Staying in Shape Slashes Cancer Risk

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Become Happier by Getting Properly Hydrated

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Sorry, Did You Just Say There Are Hormones in My Tap Water?

Scientists have known for decades that there are substances in our tap water that are not natural components of water... Read More

Small Doses of Hormones in Our Drinking Water Could Have a Massive Negative Impact on Our Health

Many of us have heard whispers that there are hormones in our drinking water. In 2002 the BBC, the Independent... Read More

What Living Alkaline Means to Cancer Survivor Kris Carr

She has written multiple books, made an award winning film, and survived an incurable stage four cancer with which she... Read More

Reasons Why an Alkaline Diet is Healthier Than the Typical Western Diet

The typical modern diet in industrialised Western countries looks something like this: Breakfast: Two slices of toast with butter or... Read More

Give Your Cells More Oxygen by Living the Alkaline Lifestyle

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Looking to Do Better in Exams? Why You Shouldn't Forget the Water!

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Health Hacks - How to Boost the Nutritional Value of Any Meal with these Superfoods

Eating healthy doesn’t mean your diet needs a dramatic and mentally exhausting overhaul. Taking small, simple steps is the perfect... Read More

Why Souping Instead of Juicing is Taking the World By Storm

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5 Minute Healthier Recipe for Healthier Than Store Bought Energy Bars

Energy bars have the potential to be a great food choice. They are portable, convenient, and can be eaten virtually... Read More

The Dirty & The Ugly Science on Cow's Milk - Are You Sure That Glass of Milk is Doing You Good?

Cow’s milk is a good source of many nutrients. However, it may not be suitable for humans. In fact, cow’s... Read More