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  1. 3 Things That are Vitally Important for Probiotics to be Effective

    Over the last couple of decades there have been huge advances in understanding the key role that the microbiome plays... Read More
  2. Why Multi-Strain Probiotics Always Trump Single-Strain

    Gut health is a topic we have explored quite relentlessly in our blog. From 10 Kitchen Habits That Are Damaging... Read More
  3. Why Gut Health is Vital for Immunity: A Comprehensive Guide

    Your gut lining, from head to tail, contributes to a whopping 70-80% of your immune system. So, one of the... Read More
  4. Could Probiotics Help to Provide Relief for Infantile Colic?

    If you're worried about  your baby's colic, you're not alone.  According to the American Pregnancy Association, 20-25% of babies meet... Read More
  5. Travel Supplement Essentials: 6 Natural Products to Take on Holiday

    What do you pack when going on holiday? Clothes, sure: attire appropriate for the climate of the country (or countries... Read More
  6. Probiotics for Women Benefits: Hormone Balance, Menopause, UTIs

    These days, it's relatively common knowledge that probiotics can be beneficial for us, playing a significant part in nurturing gut... Read More
  7. Best Form of Probiotics: Food, Drink, Tablets or Powders?

    Probiotic has become more than just a buzzword in the last few years, with countless books, articles, research papers and... Read More
  8. Probiotics Can Protect Against Hay Fever, Curb Symptoms

    Are you someone whose hay fever starts to kick in as early as March? It’s not that uncommon. Whether it... Read More
  9. 3 Key Factors You Must Consider When Trying to Improve Gut Health

    It is no longer controversial to state that our gut bacteria – at least to a large extent – determine... Read More
  10. Probiotics Branded ‘Useless’: But What’s the Truth?

    In a widely-shared news story published on 6 September, a group of Israeli scientists found no long-term benefit to probiotic... Read More

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