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  1. 3 Things That are Vitally Important for Probiotics to be Effective

    Over the last couple of decades there have been huge advances in understanding the key role that the microbiome plays... Read More
  2. Why Multi-Strain Probiotics Always Trump Single-Strain

    Gut health is a topic we have explored quite relentlessly in our blog. From 10 Kitchen Habits That Are Damaging... Read More
  3. Why Gut Health is Key to Having Healthy Vitamin B12 Levels

    Not getting enough vitamin B12? Look after your gut. If you’re feeling fatigued, have weak muscles, aching joints, numbness or... Read More
  4. Microbiome Health: The Right Environment, The Right Microbial Strains

    With over 70% of your immune system living in your gut, you can see how a healthy digestive system is... Read More
  5. 6 Signs of Poor Gut Health and 11 Ways to Improve Them

    Research is continually evolving, and scientists are discovering an increasing amount about the complexity of our digestive system and how... Read More
  6. Impactful Ways to Improve Your Gut Environment, Balance Microbiome

    The gut is host to a wide range of resident micro-organisms, some of which help us break down food, produce... Read More
  7. Best Form of Probiotics: Food, Drink, Tablets or Powders?

    Probiotic has become more than just a buzzword in the last few years, with countless books, articles, research papers and... Read More
  8. 3 Key Factors You Must Consider When Trying to Improve Gut Health

    It is no longer controversial to state that our gut bacteria – at least to a large extent – determine... Read More
  9. Probiotics Branded ‘Useless’: But What’s the Truth?

    In a widely-shared news story published on 6 September, a group of Israeli scientists found no long-term benefit to probiotic... Read More
  10. What’s the Strongest and Best Probiotic Supplement?

    Health-conscious consumers interested in boosting their gut health may wonder how to choose the best probiotic supplement.  Which source of... Read More

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