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  1. Finding It Difficult To Suppress Viral Infections? Try Gigartina Red Marine Algae…

    Seaweed is one of the healthiest foods on the planet with over 10,000 different types inhabiting our oceans. However, only... Read More
  2. The Surprising Health Benefits of Gigartina Red Marine Algae

    Before the 19th century people knew about the natural healing properties of plants. Yet, since the industrial revolution we’ve all-but... Read More
  3. Red Marine Algae for HPV and Other Viruses

    Homeopathic remedies for health complaints large and small are easy to find these days, although the same old sceptics continue... Read More
  4. Can Red Marine Algae Really Help Boost Your Immune System?

    Red marine algae have been studied over many years and have frequently been found to positively modulate the immune system... Read More

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